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Wilt-Pruf Products, Inc.
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 The Story Behind WILT-PRUF Products    

Sixty years ago WILT-PRUF® was discovered and became the first anti-transpirant on the market. A product such as this was needed in horticulture to enable nurserymen to transplant shrubs and trees any time of year without fear of excessive transpiration which could cause plant failure.

Over the years, it was discovered that anti-transpirants had many additional but related uses—protection against drying out when evergreen roots were frozen in wintertime, as well as during periods of drought. These times of stress deprive plants of their normal moisture intake. Anti-transpirants were found to be effective on cut Christmas trees, wreaths, and greens to retard needle drop by keeping existing moisture in the foliage. It was discovered that many indoor plants could survive longer periods without watering by treatment with an anti-transpirant. And ornamentals exposed to excessive warm or cold winds were protected from drying out by spraying with an anti-transpirant. Storage of tubers, bulbs, and bare root stock was more successful when they were first dipped in an anti-transpirant solution.

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Wilt-Pruf Products is proud of its leadership in this important segment of our industry. Our accomplishments are well known. Our research and development continue at Universities and experimental stations throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa.